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Vision/Action Biopsychotype

If the predominant biopsychotype in your constitution is Vision/Action, you are generally comfortable planning and making decisions. You are usually full of movement and projects, can be muscular in build and agile in sports, and are blessed with good energy and good digestion. Warm and spirited, you are confident that everything will work out. Your innate talents can be visual or manual. You are independent, courageous, and loyal.

At the active end of this biopsychotype's spectrum, people of Vision/Action makeup can be highly motivated and always on the move: putting their projects in place, pursuing sports for the love of activity, competing for the joy of moving. At the quiet end of the spectrum, they can use their creative intellects and visual talents to resolve organizational problems or to design exceptionally functional living and working spaces. They are reluctant leaders, not because they shirk responsibility, but because they prefer to work independently or in a team as an equal player, and do not like to be in the forefront.


The Liver, the Gall Bladder, and the autonomic nervous system (ANS) are the organs and functions associated with the Vision/Action biopsychotype. In Chinese medicine, the most important function of the Liver is to assure the smooth movement of energy throughout the body. By nourishing the skin and muscles with energy and blood, the Liver enhances the body's resistance to potentially harmful external conditions and allows it to recover from injuries. The Liver influences ligaments, tendons, and muscles, the tissues responsible for movement. It also influences the eyes and vision, and fingernails and toenails. A healthy Liver allows flexible joints and good muscle action, along with good nails and good vision.


In acupuncture physiology, the Liver does more than move energy and blood smoothly to organs and muscles and skin. It enables a strong spirit and drive to express itself through clear planning and direction. The vision that Liver supervises is not limited to what we see with our eyes; it also involves the clear sight of creativity and confident self-expression. If our Liver is functioning well and our energy is flowing smoothly, our personality will be easy-going and happy with freely expressed emotions. 'Ambitious' and 'competitive' are terms sometimes used to describe the decisive and driven qualities seen in this biopsychotype. In sports, Vision/Action competitiveness shows up in the passion for movement and challenge rather than as an indomitable drive to win.


The interaction between our emotions and our bodies finds early expression in the organs and functions of the Vision/Action biopsychotype. This terrain is usually the first to express symptoms triggered by the stress and tension in our lives. These patterns occur commonly in many people dealing with the demands of modern life. The anxiety and anger that accompany chronic Liver irritation may manifest simply as a moody, critical, and irritable personality or, in more pronounced states, as a foul-tempered character. If the frustration is severe, the autonomic nervous system can drive the irritation into internal organs and produce a range of functional disturbances that are difficult to diagnose.

Abstracted from Chapter 5 of Getting to Know You, by Joseph M. Helms, MD

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