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About Biopsychotypes

The concept of biopsychotypes is a modern European interpretation of traditional acupuncture's understanding of people. In the acupuncture tradition, each organ in the body has a more comprehensive sphere of influence than that recognized by western medicine. The 'bio' part of the biopsychotype includes our physical form and the physiological functions of our organs, such as the heart pumping blood through the arteries. The 'psycho' part of the term is the innate psychological quality that an organ contributes to our personality (as expressed in the classical acupuncture texts), such as the heart endowing us with direction and enthusiasm.

Each biopsychotype manifests biological functions and psychological qualities from four organs, which are connected to each other through the flow of energy through acupuncture channels. The twelve internal organs thus create three biopsychotypes (Vision/Action; Nurture/Duty; Will/Spirit). Each of us has qualities from all three biopsychotypes in our constitutional makeup. But one of the types will be most prominent. The purpose of the biopsychotype questionnaire is to lead you to an appreciation of the balance of these three types within you.

Our constitutional makeup not only embodies our strengths of body and personality, it also creates the likely pattern of breakdown as we encounter the physical and emotional stresses and strains of life. As we are made up, so do we break down. Our strongest qualities often mirror our weakest links. A feeling that something is amiss often reflects early disturbances in an organ's sphere of influence, as defined in the acupuncture texts. The purpose of Getting To Know You is to help you understand your qualities and thus to experience and protect the greatest value in who you are.

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