Chapter 1 ..... My Story

Chapter 2 ..... Why Can't You Be More

                       Like Me?

Chapter 3 ..... Getting to Know Renee

Chapter 4 ..... More About Qi

Chapter 5 ..... Vision/Action Biopsychotype

Chapter 6 ..... Nuture/Duty Biopsychotype

Chapter 7 ..... Will/Spirit Biopsychotype

Chapter 8   ..... Getting to Know You

Chapter 9   ..... Lessons from Vision/Action

Chapter 10 ..... Lessons from Nuture/Duty

Chapter 11 ..... Lessons from Will/Spirit

Chapter 12 ..... What Can Acupuncture Do


Chapter 13 ..... Five Phases in Action

Chapter 14 ..... If I Were Celestial Emperor

What Can Acupuncture Do Best?
Biopsychotypes & Qi
Five Phases in Action
Lessons from Nuture/Duty
If I Were Celestial Emperor
Potential Value of Acupuncture

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