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Medical acupuncture stands out among the complementary health modalities for ease of use, cost-effectiveness, and applicability to a wide range of conditions. In Getting to Know You, Dr. Joe Helms uses down-to-earth language to help readers make the best use of this treatment. He clearly identifies what sorts of problems respond best to medical acupuncture, and distinguishes between constitutional characteristics and early indicators of health conditions.

Getting to Know You features real-world patient cases in medical acupuncture and promotes applied learning throughout, inviting readers to identify traits and symptoms they see in themselves. To this end, Dr. Helms provides a list of questions to clarify the reader's dominant type. For each type, guidelines are presented with common-sense changes to promote optimal health. The book conveys a wealth of complex medical information in simple terms. A useful appendix further highlights acupuncture's benefits while a reference list makes it easy to find practitioners in the U.S.

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